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Cheap accommodation in Ukraine

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Ukraine is worth a visit. Good accommodation make your stay in Ukraine more pleasant. Here you can see many possibilities of accommodation in Ukraine, mainly in the Carpathians (Zakarpattia, Galicia and Bukowyna) that is the nearest part of Ukraine to west Europe.

Cheap accommodation in Ukraine is divided into the following regions:

  1. Zakarpattia (64)

  2. Lviv Oblast (6)

  3. Prykarpattia (10)

  4. Chernivtsi Oblast (3)

  5. Volynia (1)

  6. Khmelnytskyi Oblast (1)

  7. Northern Romania (7)

  8. Crimea (6)

Display map of accommodation in Ukraine (in the Carpathians)

Cheap accommodation in other Ukrainian cities

You can also look at the choice of accommodation from various foreign servers (in these cases, it is not my own database). You can choose accommodation in the following cities in Ukraine:

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